Apple’s shocking new iPhone design makes sense

OnLeaks (aka Steve Hemmerstoffer) returns with cash cash and offers detailed renderings of the so-called iPhone 11 / XI and new specifications. But it’s the truly amazing size of the new iPhone’s cameras that shatters the headlines because they look different from anything Apple has ever done. Rival Instead, it’s the massive size of any lens that fills by far the largest camera expansion on the iPhone that turns her head. Questions were asked why Apple wanted an ugly triangulation, but now we know they’re just too big for proper vertical alignment. All this points to a quantum leap in iPhone photography, and this is not a moment too early. Even the most passionate Apple fan will admit that the iPhone crashes in the smartphone camera ranking for some time. Apple, a tip: do not cover it up! Hemmerstoffer also adds substance to his putti. He confirms that Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will remain on 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch displays, with the first screen slightly larger than the iPhone XS: 143.9 mm x 71.4 mm x 7.8 mm versus 143.6 mm x 70.9 mm x 7.7 mm. The aperture and notch will also shrink, but by such a small amount that they are “almost indistinguishable”.Finally, Hemmerstoffer shows that the iPhone 11 (like older iPads) moves from a horizontal to a vertical mute button, the rear microphone is repositioned at the bottom of the camera floor, the lighting connector remains and the back panel becomes “new and unique”. Single piece of glass. That sounds interesting, but it’s likely to increase Apple’s infamous repair cost for glass backs.

How much should you trust this information? Due to the remarkable successes of Hemmerstoffer I would suggest a lot.

Are there any potential for game-changing cameras to rekindle interest in a still-ugly iPhone that lacks 5G? Could be. I suspect that this will not be enough to stop Apple’s sluggish iPhone sales, but it could slow them down enough to buy Apple time until the truly groundbreaking iPhone arrives.

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