At the request of Samsung, iFixit pulls its Galaxy fold deduction

The Galaxy Fold will not set the scheduled launch date because Samsung is investigating issues with multiple testers using test equipment. In the meantime, people at iFixit have done what they do best and they have taken it apart, but on Thursday they have declared their decision to “pull back” the ripper. While iFixit usually gets a device to pull it apart, this device has obviously been provided by a third party. Samsung then asked this “trusted partner” to remove the demolition and iFixit – though he insisted that it was not necessary – to keep the peace.

Calling the device “alarmingly fragile”, iFixit noted in its today’s post, “Our team has appreciated the opportunity to look into this ambitious device, and all the new products are facing challenges – perhaps more than most.”

We still do not know exactly what Samsung might do to change the Galaxy Fold before it can get off to a good start, but it’s likely that the company does not want to reveal any issues or secrets before the product is actually sold. In any case, the demolition is now stored in the Internet Archive if someone really wants what a fold-test unit has inside, and perhaps more importantly, what may be lacking protection that allows foreign body intrusion.

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